A HyperBuilder is a singleton factory component that will give you a new HyperRequest any time you call the new method. It will also create a new HyperRequest any time you call a method on HyperBuilder that exists on HyperRequest.

HyperBuilder is the component you want to inject into your singleton components, like handlers or services. It will ensure you get a fresh HyperRequest instance on each invocation. This is important since reusing the same HyperRequest instance will likely produce unintended results.

You can inject a HyperBuilder into your application using the HyperBuilder@hyper id.

component {
    property name="hyper" inject="HyperBuilder@hyper";

    function index( event, rc, prc ) {
        var reqA = hyper.new();
        // reqA is a new HyperRequest instance.
        var reqB = hyper.setUrl( "https://swapi.dev/api/people" );
        // reqB is a new HyperRequest instance with the url set.


If you are not using ColdBox, you can create a HyperBuilder manually:

component {

    function init() {
        variables.hyper = new hyper.models.HyperBuilder();


Additionally, you can register HyperBuilder instances as custom HTTP Clients.

pageCustom HTTP Clients

Finally, you can enable faking of requests from any HyperBuilder instance.

pageFaking Requests